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WATCHBLOOD is widely recognised as "The Worst Comic in the history of the world". It first appeared in the late 1990s and was the creation of comics superstar Rob Leningrad. Despite being one of the most successful creators of the modern era Leningrad sought critical acclaim but it constantly eluded him. In 1994 Leningrad set out to win the respect of his peers and began work on a project that would re-imagine Watchmen, the acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and one of the greatest comic book stories ever published. Leningrad planned to retell the story as a character-driven 12-part epic with gritted teeth, shoulder pads and missing feet. The project was doomed from the start. Firstly DC comics threatened to sue Leningrad for using their characters without permission. Leningrad responded by changing the names of the characters. DC then sued him for calling the book Rob Leningrad's WATCHMEN so Leningrad changed the title to WATCHBLOOD, a reference to his most well known creation FORCEBLOOD. The biggest obstacle to the project was Leningrad's lack of commitment as he spent the next few years trying to develop properties to sell to Hollywood.

After 5 years he had only "pencilled" 8 pages of art, 2 of which were covers, and decided that his masterpiece was complete. Leningrad teamed up with Sgt Mike Battle creator Graham Pearce to print WATCHBLOOD as a 12-page collectible to sell at conventions for exorbitant prices but DC Comics purchased every copy and burned them (To this day DC comics refuse to acknowledge the existence of WATCHBLOOD so don't even ask them about it).

Only a few copies of WATCHBLOOD survived and could only be acquired through the comic book black market… until now! Yes, you can read WATCHBLOOD right now for free by downloading it here.

Leningrad still plans to publish a new remastered, rescripted and reprinted version of WATCHBLOOD. Originally planned to coincided with the release of the Watchmen movie in 2009, WATCHLOOD MAXIMUM EDITION was delayed due to "printing issues". Since then Leningrad has assured fans that the book will be out soon but has yet to prove that he's done any work on it at all.



For several issues (and a couple of years) we have been updating readers on the progress of Rob Leningrad's infamous comic Watchblood. Originally intended to be published in March 2009 to coincide with the cinema release Watchmen, it was meant to be re-mastered, re-scripted and re-lettered but it was delayed due to "printing issues". Leningrad refuted claims that he hadn't begun work on the project stating "No, I have started it!" but no-one had seen proof of any pages until now.

Leningrad recently posted a blurry photo of what he claims is new artwork for Watchblood and it can be seen below (UPDATE - Photo has been removed at the request of Ron Leningrad)

Leningrad insists that more photos will appear soon and is still confident that it will be out by the end of 2010 or maybe mid-2011 but definitely by 2012!


2 April 2009 WATCHBLOOD delayed

Following the announcement that Watchblood, the World's Worst Comic™, was returning in 2009 and was being re-mastered, re-scripted and re-lettered. Originally it was due to be released in March 2009 to coincide with the cinema release Watchmen but it has been delayed due to "printing issues". The creative force behind Watchblood is artist Rob Leningrad who was quick to deny the rumours that the delay is because he hasn't actually done any work on the book. Leningrad promises that it will be in 2009 as promised!


15 November 2008 WATCHBLOOD is back!




Rob Leningrad's Epic 6-page "masterpiece" returns in all it's glory. See it how it was meant to be, without Leningrad's vision being ruined by his low-paid and uncredited assistants. Includes at least 1 new page of artwork!


At least 1 new page of artwork

A Sycophantic Letters page

Adverts for other Leningrad books that probably won't get made.

Dozens of Collectible Alternate Variant covers

The Infamous Art School feature "How to draw comics the Leningrad Way"

And much more


WATCHBLOOD is due out in MARCH 2009

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