SGT. MIKE BATTLE #18 is out now!

The latest exciting issue of SGT MIKE BATTLE: THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO! is on sale now
and sees the return of office worker John Trojan!

LAST ADMIN HERO 2 features a new multi-part storyline where a new office-based threat to world security
means Sgt Mike Battle has to call upon John Trojan, the humble office worker who fought back
against the terrorists in the first LAST ADMIN HERO story!

What is the new threat to world security? How can John Trojan help? And will he be brave enough to do so?
The answers can only be found in this issue!

SGT MIKE BATTLE #18 is available with 2 covers, one which features the ongoing numbering
and one which will appeal to new readers where the book is titled LAST ADMIN HERO 2 #1!


Sgt. Mike Battle & all characters are 2011 Graham Pearce


£1.50 36 pages of pen-pushing fun